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Best Advice I’ve Received As An Artist

Updated: May 25, 2022

No one is born without talent. Everyone has an artist within himself or herself, but most are unaware of it or do not make the effort to find it. Many people buy art online without realizing that they have a creative side or artistic taste.

We all naturally have creative juices but are often blindsided by our egos and doubts. We tell ourselves that we're never good enough and we are so absorbed by the media instilling in us what it means to be talented and perfect. Our expectations for ourselves become so high that we often get discouraged. Our need for instant gratification makes us reluctant to put in hard work and perseverance in anything to succeed. We’re constantly comparing ourselves to others and so easily influenced by our peers and friends on social media. It’s hard to tune out the noise, but as an artist, the most important first step to becoming one is to turn off the distraction. You need to tune out the static in your life’s radio so you can see your inner artist. It takes meditation and practice to find and perfect that artist within you to take your creativity to the next level.

A lot about keeping in touch with your inner artist is about following your intuition and following your heart. What kind of art do you find attractive and energizing? Who’s your favorite artist that you admire? What sets your art apart from others? What’s your unique painting style? You should trust your intuition and start drawing and creating. Experiment with different alternative artistic techniques other than traditional painting. Let your creative juices flow.

Ask yourself, "What’s possible” and “how can I make it enjoyable for me?". Think about all the happy moments you’ve had, such as grabbing a beer with friends, playing games, or making a favorite recipe, as you’re creating. Incorporate that feeling into your art and make it a meditative and cathartic process.

If you sit around and keep waiting for things to happen to you, you won't accomplish anything. In order to be successful, you will have to put in some effort If you aspire to be a painter, graphic artist, or something similar, start drawing. Begin sketching, doodling, and learning new techniques by purchasing a sketchpad. Even if your skills are not there yet, still draw every day.

It's normal to receive criticism or setback, but don’t be discouraged. You won’t succeed until you fail first. Don’t let failures keep you from creating. To avoid succumbing to self-judgment you must cultivate enough self-compassion. Practice self-love and spend time with yourself to not easily be swayed by others’ opinions. Only your opinion of your work matters, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. I have a practice of jotting down 3 things I’m grateful for first thing in the morning when I wake up. Appreciate your inner artist and what you’re capable of creating. Remember that you’re doing what you love and don't let the fear of being judged stop you from drawing.

Another great practice you should do is share your work. It will keep you accountable for creating and make you responsible for producing your best work. You can also get feedback to help you improve your work. Seeing others engage with your work will encourage you and make you care even more. That’s not to say that you won’t have haters and detractors, but focus again on tuning out those unnecessary noises.

Another great way to find your inner artist is to go out and just be in nature and draw. Nature is God’s canvas, and there are so many beautiful things to get inspiration from. You can also visit museums or galleries to get inspiration. Check out your favorite artists’ websites like Ino Chang’s to get inspiration on how to create digital art prints and other types of art and also buy art online.

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