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How to Paint Without a Brush

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Paint brushes have always been integral tools in artists' lives, but do you know there are a lot of artists out there such as David Alfaro Siqueiros who don’t use them and have made names for themselves?

People now welcome unconventional ways of painting than ever before. It is not necessary to have a brush and an actual canvas to paint as an artist today because you can create your art online.

However, the art of infusing clarity and creativity simultaneously without brushes will require considering these six techniques provided in this article.

Jackson Pollock’s Drip Technique

He was best known for his "drip technique," in which he poured or splashed liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface, allowing him to view and paint his canvases from any angle.

His distinctive, out-of-the-box way is inspirational, as it demonstrates that technical abilities aren't required to create amazing art.

Acrylic Pouring

Acrylic pouring is a beautiful method of fluid painting. It's made with acrylic paint that can be turned into a liquid, pourable consistency by adding a pouring medium. You may have seen videos on Instagram or Tik Tok about how artists pour acrylic all over their canvases. It's not only a lovely method to portray colors, but it's also advantageous.

It’s a simple and popular method for creating swirling works of art that resembles marbling. You can also earn money while your art piece is not yet complete. How? You can post process videos on YouTube, and you will get a number of views because it is satisfying to watch.

What’s even more exciting about this art form is that it’s full of unexpected twists and turns because you never know what you'll get.


Another popular brushless art technique, scraping art can give you varied results depending on many factors.

In this method, you will have to pour or squeeze colors in whatever pattern you may desire and then use pulling and scraping methods to get the final result. Please note that it will all depend on your creativity and imagination.

String Pulling

You must have done this once in your life, and it is a satisfying way of bringing colors to life. However, not many know the potential of this art form; most people think that it is meant for kids, but that is not at all true. It will depend only on your creativity and imagination; the better you leverage the technique, the amazing your results will be.

You can check out this video, and it combines acrylic pouring along with the string-pulling art form. You can get inspiration from the artist and come up with something as creative as this piece.


Airbrushing was first employed in vehicle paint shops to get exceptionally even and bright colors. It is an excellent way of evenly painting any surface.

However, an increasing number of artists are employing the airbrush technique. It is because this medium provides numerous options for letting your creativity run wild while it’s also simple to learn. All you need is to be comfortable with colors and have a creative mind;.


Technology has changed all aspects of our lives, and not excluding the art industry. There are many software and tools that can help you with your digital art prints journey.

The best thing about digital art is that you can make it on any canvas size and get it printed any number of times to put your art for sale online. Moreover, this art form is becoming very popular and widely sold as an NFT. NFTs are a great way to make more money, and you should check them out in this blog post.

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