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10 Best Art Blogs To Add To Your Reading List

It's important to stay fresh, inspired, and current as a creative to ensure your work is contextually relevant and attractive for the market, especially when you’re freelancing. While there are a variety of ways to get inspiration and new ideas, reading art blogs is a great way to enrich yourself and stay up to date on current trends. Whether you are interested in landscape art, figure drawing, portraits, illustration, or any other types of art, reading these 10 art blogs will take your artistic talent to the next level.


Artsy is an excellent place to start if you want to find out and learn more about trending artists. It’s a "platform for collecting and discovering art”. This site publishes regularly or sometimes several times a day and is jam-packed with excellent materials. You'll discover highbrow artist interviews, reviews, gallery and show recommendations, and art industry news.


Juxtapoz is also a terrific site to find new artists working in a variety of mediums, including cinematography, film, paintings, animation, and public art. The fun doesn't stop there; you can also listen to Radio Juxtapoz, an art and design podcast with loads more high-quality content.

Wix Creative

Wix Creative is a blog committed to all types of creatives. Its mission is to assist artists in advancing their careers and thriving in the internet world. They are here just to teach and share their ideas on anything artistic and design-related if you're into UX design, animations, or illustrations.


ARTnews is the world's most extensively distributed art magazine and has a massive global circulation. While you can read this blog for free online, there are four printed copies available each year. ARTnews covers a wide range of issues, reporting on all aspects of the art world. There is a constant stream of news updates, as well as pieces about the art world, trends, and various events.


You can trust that Booooooom, run by Vancouver-based artist and curator Jeff Hamada, will provide you with relevant and down-to-earth information, straight from one artist to the next. Booooooom provides new artists with a voice by featuring their work through interviews and highlighted submissions. While there is a focus on artists and photographers, there are creatives from many fields represented.

Art Observed

Art Observed is based in New York City and covers contemporary art from the city that is often referred to as the world's largest cultural centre. It delivers a regular stream of worldwide art news from a New York viewpoint, covering new exhibits, auctions, trends, and brief reviews. This is one of the greatest art blogs to follow if you want to be in the know but don’t have the time to read long-form articles.


The content of Artspace is intended for both art collectors and artists, as it is a platform for selling art online. Artspace is engaging and educational in that it combines high-end issues with a light and fun tone. You can find daily news updates, recommendations, exhibition updates, and artist interviews here.


Since its inception in 1962, Artforum has been a popular venue at the vanguard of contemporary art. It's a terrific location to find new artists and keep up with current art trends. It covers everything from new curators to museum updates and even the most recent art scandals and outrages.


Frieze, a well-known media and events company, has its own art blog. It hosts art fairs all around the world as a brand focusing on contemporary art and culture. Its web editorial is chock-full of intellectual, in-depth pieces on a variety of topics.


The name says it all. Before we get to the written material, the site’s sleek, clean design and minimalistic logo design follow this year's website design trends. Because of the wide use of whitespace and an unbalanced grid arrangement, the overall impression is light and airy. The homepage also features a carefully chosen collection of photos. This is a great place to find design inspiration and ideas.

Final Words

These are the top 10 art blogs you must include in your reading list if you want to be a better artist. You can also visit Ino Chang’s art blog for more suggestions, drawing inspiration and drawing tips. You can also get tutorials on landscape art, figure drawing, and portrait drawing.

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