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What Art Sells?

If you’re ever serious about monetizing your artwork, it’s important to stay on top of your target customer market and understand what’s trending to maximize your revenue potential. Making money in art is a lot about testing the market, drawing what your customers will want to buy, and increasing your reach and shares. Occasionally, some artists will create some extraordinary pieces that are totally different from the current trends and will, in fact, set the trend, but that’s rare and you generally need celebrity status to command that and create the customer desire. Being a successful artist is all about researching, experimenting, gathering feedback, and identifying what art sells. Here we break down the hottest online art trends that sell.


Landscape paintings are hot because who doesn’t love beautiful nature? Purchasing a landscape painting is like purchasing a stunning view. Moreover, a landscape painting can add to any type of home decor. It is an organic, enticing option for most art purchasers, regardless of whether it's a seascape, cityscape, or moonscape shot.


An abstract is the prevailing art style in our contemporary world and though it may just be some slabs of color, textures, or shapes when hung on a wall, this style tends to appeal to those that want to create a coherent "glance" in one‘s interior decoration. Furthermore, because separation can be nonrepresentational or representational in nature, the audience is free to imagine and attribute meaning, which is another justification why abstract paintings sell.


People appear to admire paintings of animals as much as they do their own pets. Focusing on a popular breed of dog is a very clever idea to tap into the canine's fan group. Domestic animals, such as a dog, are usually portrayed in a family setting, looking straight ahead in close proximity. In contrast, outdoor wildlife arise depicted in more expanse natural settings.

Figures and Nudes

FIgure drawings evoke a deep human connection. . Humans are one of the most beautiful yet very complex subjects to draw and there are a lot of details in just the hands and feet alone. We relate to drawings of human interaction and portraits. Nudes and feminity, in particular, have appealed to our sexual desires and as they say, sex sells.

Size Matters

Many artists prefer drawing on smaller canvases because creating smaller artwork is generally cheaper and takes less time. , so they will attract purchasers

However, bigger pieces can command a higher price point and are generally more impressive and grandiose in scale. ,. Consider your options and experiment in a variety of sizes to appeal to a broader audience.

Final Thoughts

Customer tastes are constantly changing; take note of what kind of art sells and employ these elements in your work to increase sales. You can visit Ino Chang’s art website to get some inspiration on some of the hottest selling art and buy original art online.

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