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Must-Have Wildlife Art for Your Home

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Do you plan to decorate your home this holiday season? You might want to place some carefully selected wildlife art prints along with the furniture. Ino Chang is a famous wildlife artist who creates impressionist drawings of wildlife art, landscapes, still life, and more using acrylic, charcoal, colored pencils, and other mediums.

You can choose some of the best wildlife art prints created by one of the best acrylic wildlife artists in the field. You can get captivating pieces to decorate your walls and have an exciting home to welcome guests into.

The Must-Have Pieces From Ino’s Portfolio

You can choose your favorite art created by the best color pencil and acrylic wildlife artist to decorate your walls. Here are some must-have pieces:

The Pintail Duck Family artwork is a beautiful and realistic depiction of a duck family. This poster features a hand-drawn and colored-pencil drawing of pintail duck parents and three ducklings.

It’s a museum-quality duck family art print that creates a modern and simple look for your walls. The wildlife art print is made on thick and durable matte paper and is printed using giclee technology so that the colors will remain for a long time.

Made on durable matte paper with an acrylic front protector, this must-have piece features a hand-drawn tiger created using stippling techniques. Ino used a ball-point pen to do stippling, dotting, or pointillism to create the ferocious tiger representing courage and willpower.

You can buy this black-and-white art print along with the sturdy wooden frame to decorate your home refreshingly. Besides, you can also display your love for the tiger with this must-have piece.

The king of the jungle can offer you some inspiration staring at you from your walls. This must-have piece is a hand-drawn colored pencil art that gives you an inspirational vibe. ]

If you’re a fan of Lion King and lions in general, this is the perfect print for you. With an opacity of 94%, the artwork is printed with Giclee Printing quality.

Ino Chang has created a spectacular sketch of a lioness carrying her cub using pencil sketching and showcased the bond between the mother and her baby. It is drawn professionally and can be a perfect Mother’s Day gift if your mom is an animal lover.

You can display this wildlife art print in any room you want and embody your passion for animals.

If you want to add a splash of color to your wildlife art display, this is the perfect piece for you. This parrot art print will give your walls an outdoorsy and natural feel. It features a parrot and a butterfly created using colored pencils.

It is printed on high-quality paper that will last for a lifetime and uses giclee technology to make your colors vivid and vibrant. It will match any of your room’s interiors.

The drawing of a pintail duck couples is a hand-drawn artwork done in colored pencils. You can spruce up your interior with this beautiful art print that gives you a scene of the sunset right in your room.


These incredible pieces from Ino’s wildlife art are stunning and display his talents. You can procure it as wildlife art prints or as lifestyle products like tote bags, masks, and more. These pieces depict Ino’s passion for displaying realism and captivates the emotion and characters of the animals.

Ino has successfully used various media like colored pencils, acrylics, and charcoal to celebrate the essence of nature and animals. He has also displayed his talents by using pointillism and stippling to create detailed works that can be the highlight of your home.

Explore Ino Chang’s website and shop now to buy exciting wildlife art prints.

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