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Ink and Watercolor Art

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Ink and watercolor are beautiful mediums to work with. They give wildlife art prints, hand-drawn wall art, and other artworks a lively and attractive look. Moreover, when you draw with ink and wash the ink with watercolor in the background, it will make your ink work stand out.

You may be surprised to know that ink and watercolor combine beautifully and create striking results. Combining ink with watercolor will give you inspiration when you buy affordable original art online. Plus, you can add this effect to your artistic toolkit

How to Draw with Ink and Watercolor

When you combine ink and watercolors, you're creating a mixed-media artwork. You need to ensure they blend well and consider the following tips.

Choose the Right Supplies

When creating a mixed media with watercolors and ink, you need to choose the correct inks and watercolors. Choose an ink pen that is waterproof so that your lines remain sharp when you apply watercolor over it. Avoid water-soluble ink that will dissolve when you use watercolor over it.

You can also look for pigmented inks that are neither water-based nor water-soluble. Avoid water-based ink. Ensure you choose a good quality watercolor that will be long-lasting. Winsor and Newton's watercolors are highly recommended by artists worldwide. Choose premium-quality watercolors that mix well.

Choose the Right Paper

When combining watercolors and ink, it's essential to choose the right paper with the right texture. You need a piece of paper that is thick enough to bear the weight of watercolors and ink. The paper needs to be absorptive and denser than normal drawing papers for these kinds of media. Ideally, you should use paper that is over 180gsm for watercolor and ink mixed media.

Do you know your watercolor paper has various textures? You can get rough, medium, or smooth textured watercolor papers. You can choose the texture according to your preferred effects or price. You can also choose handmade paper that is thick enough to hold ink and watercolor.

Ink’s Drying Time

While combining watercolors and ink, you need to consider the ink and watercolor’s drying time. This will help you decide which to do first. Plus, it'll help you determine how long you need to wait before applying watercolor over it or vice versa.

If you apply watercolor over fresh ink, your artwork is bound to smudge. Plus, if you apply ink over freshly applied watercolor, your ink will run. So, you need to ensure you understand how long each takes to dry before applying the other.

It is best to wait at least 2-3 hours for the ink to dry before applying watercolor and vice versa. Some artists recommend waiting for 12 to 24 hours for the ink or watercolor to dry. This ensures there is no chance of smudging at all. Another good option is to buy fast-drying ink.

Watercolor or Ink First?

You might wonder whether to apply watercolor or ink first. Either will work. However, each has its pros and cons. You need to choose what works for you and what kind of experiments you want to do.

When you apply ink first, you get more control over the lines. You'll be able to keep your watercolor washes within the line too. Plus, your ink will glide more smoothly on paper without paint.

In contrast, when you apply watercolor first, you get more control over the wash. This gives you more abstract artwork. Plus, this will ensure your line work is clearer and sharper. When you want the painting to be the focus, it's best to do the watercolor first.

Final Advice

Now you know how to draw with watercolors and ink, you'll have another option to look for the next time you buy affordable original art online. Did you know the best place to buy original art online is Ino Chang's website?

Ino Chang creates masterful wildlife art prints and hand-drawn wall art in both watercolors and ink. His works will be the perfect inspiration for you to master the art of combining watercolors and ink. He also works with colored pencils, charcoal, acrylics, and more to create portraits, landscapes, and other artworks.

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