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Finding Inspiration for Artists

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Budding young artists often want to know – where do artists get their ideas and find inspiration?

No two artists work the same way. Every artist works hard to embrace his or her own skill and paints or sketches in a unique style. However, they all use similar tactics in drawing inspiration in their work.

One artist might turn towards the current activities of the world, including religion, business, and politics, while the other might turn to more inward and personal experiences, including books, nature, emotions, and so on.

But of course, what may work for one skilled artist may not work for the other. If you want to get struck by inspiration, you will need to have an open mind to all experiences.

But what are these common experiences that artists run to for inspiration? Here are the top 3 inspiration sources for artists.

Look Out at the World

As an artist, you may often find yourself running out of ideas to draw, and a quick way to rekindle this is to take a walk outside and look at the beautiful world around you.

Whether it is a stroll or jogging down the street, watching a beautiful sunset, or having a picnic, everything you see, hear, or feel can give you the inspiration you need.

You can also try observing the people and wildlife around you, which might help you draw your next wildlife art prints.

Whatever the scene in front of you is, there are endless ways you can transform raw visuals into stunning art.

Pro-Tip: You can also snap a few photos along the way to keep the beautiful memories with you always!

Watching Other Artists

If you are still a rookie in your art niche, your best source of inspiration can be from other professional artists in the same field.

Even if you do not wish to see them in person, following them on social media will be an excellent way for you to see what the other artists are up to! Not only will this inspire you, but it will also help you build confidence in your own skills.

Visiting Galleries, Museums, and Art Shows

The best way to keep up with the pulse of the art world and keep in touch with it is by booking a ticket to the nearest gallery, museum, art show, or even buying affordable original art online.

By doing this, you can keep up with all the latest art trends while also taking a stroll down the history of art to give you a boost of inspiration. In addition, you will also get to meet other talented artists who will help you grow your network!

These artistic locations will give you endless opportunities to build new relationships with artists and help you brainstorm and collaborate with them to get more exposure within this creative community.

Other Sources of Inspiration

Reflect on Your Feelings, Dreams, and Experiences

There may be times when you have just woken up from a dream with visions. Write these down or sketch them quickly as they can be great sources of inspiration. Reflect on your thoughts, feelings, and musings. Meditation and journaling your feelings are great ways to externalize your inner thoughts and find new ideas. Flipping through old photo books and looking into your past memories are also great ways to find new ideas. Many artists use their art to process complex emotions.

Look Back into Your Life and Childhood

You may have a tough or interesting life growing up, and revisiting it can help you process complex events for inspiration.

Celebrate the Holiday Season with Ideas

The holiday season is always wonderful, exciting, and filled with inspiration you can draw from. So why not take a quick stroll through the beautifully decorated streets to create art with a holiday theme?

Try New Techniques

If you want your art store to become the best place to buy original art online, you will need to switch up your techniques by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

For example, if you are an expert at charcoal drawings, try shaking things up by painting with acrylics!

Final Advice

No matter what your artistic strength is, you can find inspiration in every nook and cranny. The important thing to do is to keep your mind open to every idea and emotion.

There may be times when you may have to call on your deepest, darkest emotions. This may be scary but use your imagination to transform negativity into positivity.

Last but not least, do not restrict inspiration to the ideas mentioned here. Inspiration is different for everyone, so make sure to follow your heart, and whatever it is that floats your boat!

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