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6 Must-Read Digital Drawing Books

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Digital drawing is the emerging popular medium that has enabled many artists to create freely and experiment without worrying about mistakes. Making digital art prints have allowed artists to produce a variety of their work with ease and sell their digital art print online.

To fully master digital art, it is essential to educate yourself with the tools and methods. , Luckily, there are many great how-to books to help you understand and practice digital art. Here are six books about digital drawing you should read if you wish to get started today and perfect your skills.

Whether you are new to art or simply want to hone your existing skills, this book has everything to help you get started with your artistic journey.

It is highly recommended for beginners to digital drawing. It lays down the foundation of digital painting and gives you insights into Photoshop and how to use this amazing tool.

You will learn about art fundamentals, painting styles and approaches, a complete walk-through of projects, different surfaces and textures of painting. It is the perfect resource for beginner digital artists.

This book is a definitive collection of tutorials and techniques that will help you master your digital art skills in the modern age.

It presents unique art niches and the importance of digital art.

Artists would enjoy the section about mastering realism in the book. If you wish to make your art look less digital and more hand-drawn, this book is here to guide you through the process.

. This book has a collection of tutorials contributed by some of the world’s best artists and contains many hidden treasures that you can add to your artistic toolkit.

More interestingly, this book discusses character design in depth, from depicting an emotion, costume, to anatomy. This book is best suited for intermediate or advanced digital painters.

This book extends beyond digital drawing to include insights on all other artistic mediums. It provides a complete theory of lighting effects on color and provides practical applications from many artists.

5. Master the Art of Speed Painting by 3dtotal Publishing

Viral on YouTube, this book is a collection of tutorials where the host takes you through a complete digital drawing process in a few minutes.

If you are a beginner, it is highly recommended you learn the fundamentals before getting ahead in the game with this book.

The audience of this book is mainly intermediate and advanced digital painter.

This is one of the most recently published advanced digital art books

This book allows you to dip your digital brush into everything. It is a huge compendium written by professional game concept artists.

It is a powerful introduction to beginners who aren’t aware of the basic concepts of art, such as color, light, composition, anatomy, depth, perspective, etc.


Whichever book you decide to buy, consider the type of art you want to learn and the expert level you are in.

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