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How To Create Your Own NFTs?

Updated: May 4, 2022

Selling your artwork has been revolutionized with the advent of NFTs.NFT may be initially seemed like a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s actually simple and intuitive after you understand it You can create your own NFTs in five simple steps. First, you need to study the NFT marketplace and choose the right one for you. Second, you need to create a digital wallet. Then you need to use the interface to create your digital art tokens and finally list it for sales. Here you will get a detailed step-by-step process to make your own NFT and sell it.

What Is NFT and Its Uses

With the emergence of blockchains and cryptocurrencies, artists worldwide have started using NFTs for their art. NFT is a non-fungible token and digital asset that exists in the digital universe. You can only own it in intangible forms.

Any digital file can be an NFT.

  • Artwork: art drawing with colored pencils, drawings of portraits in pencil, etc.

  • Article

  • Music

  • Meme (Yes! Such as the disaster girl)

To understand the concept of non-fungible tokens, you need to know what fungible tokens are. Consider this example:

You can exchange $1000 with five bills of $200. The value of the $1000 bill remains the same even after the swapping. This makes the $1000 bill a fungible token.

A non-fungible token, such as the collage of a digital image, The First 5000 Days, was 'minted' as a non-fungible token. Therefore, it becomes a unique product. Its value is difficult to determine, and it cannot be swapped for an equivalent value.

Like any other investment, the value of this product can increase or decrease depending on future circumstances.

Why Should Artists Choose NFT?

NFTs provide artists with another income stream to sell their artworks.

With NFT art, you have the following advantages:

  • Lifetime Royalties: Artists can earn money through their digital tokens, and it is a consistent process as long as their tokens exist. Add royalty to your digital artwork to earn each time it is sold to a different person.

  • Cost-effectiveness: The entire process of buying and selling NFTs is online. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on auction houses and art galleries. You may need some cryptocurrencies to mint your NFTs or pay some transaction fees for posting and getting your NFTs purchased.

  • Authenticity: After your artwork enters a blockchain, it acquires an unmistakable certificate of authenticity. Market transparency comes into the picture, which hasn't been attained in the traditional art market.

5 Easy Steps to Create Your Own NFT

Now that you know how NFT can benefit your art, it is time to learn how to create your own.

Step #1: Find an NFT Marketplace

Creating NFTs, requires a suitable NFT marketplace. You can choose from the two peer-to-peer marketplaces:

Curated Platform

Only authorized artists can mint or create tokens on curated NFT platforms. The transaction fees are high, and they offer lower flexibility on the royalty percentages. Super Rare is one such platform.

Self-serviced Platform

You can create your NFTs freely without many restrictions found on the curated platform. You can create all types of audio and image files, such as cool color penciled drawings and R&B music.

You can change the percentage of royalty according to your preference. OpenSea and Rarible are examples of such platforms.

Step #2: Set Up a Digital Wallet

You will need a digital wallet to store your NFTs and cryptocurrencies.

The digital wallets are highly user-friendly and safe to use. They help you organize and store your earnings and profits.

You must set up a unique password to access your wallet and don’t forget it!

Step #3: Create or Upload Your Artwork

Next, choose what you would like to add to your digital collection. After opening the marketplace interface, you can select the 'my collection' tab and add your artwork.

This tab serves as the digital store of your artwork. Hence, make sure to upload good images and fill out all detailed descriptions and attributes about your NFT.

Step #4: Create Digital Art Tokens

After finalizing your collection, it is time to commence the primary process of NFT – creating digital art tokens.

On the interface, click on the 'add new item' section, and you can add the metadata, this will be your digital art token. Give a name to your artwork or digital art token.

Step #5: List Your Artwork

Now that your digital art tokens are ready, the final step is to list them for sales. You can either choose a fixed-price or auction them.

You would have to pay the gas fee before listing your item if it is your first time creating and selling NFT.


If you want to put your acrylic paintings for sale online, think about creating an NFT alongside your work to sell as another potential market opportunity You can charge royalties each time it is resold, and you can have the confidence that your work is verified and authentic. , If done correctly and successfully, you may be able to make more money than the traditional art marketplace with the huge NFT bubble going on.

To create NFTs, all you need is to choose a marketplace, create a digital wallet, and make digital art tokens. It’s so simple, why not get started today and take advantage of the huge market demand right now?

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