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SEO Guide For an Art Website: How to Sell Art Online

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Hello brilliant artists! Do you have beautiful paintings, digital art prints, wildlife art, sculptures, or any exquisite art pieces? Then you’ve come to the right place to showcase your spectacular masterpieces that deserve more attention.

Have you thought of monetizing your artwork? You’ll first and foremost need a website to sell your art online. You’ll find many art fans waiting with bated breath to pick up your beautiful pieces of art. How will they know of your website? You need to have proper SEO for your website to ensure you reach your target audience.

Fret not, Portrait artists and figure drawing artists! we’ve gathered all the best practices here and in-depth research to help you optimize your website so that you can sell your art online successfully.

Read on for SEO tips and charm the world with your brilliant pieces of art.

SEO Guide For Artists

How do you tell the world about your artwork? Scream from the top of rooftops that this is your creation! In the digital world, SEO is the way to do it. Your digital art print, wildlife art, and other artworks matter. Follow the tips given below to sell your art online seamlessly.

  • Keywords

SEO runs on the wheels of keywords. You need to choose your keywords carefully when writing content on your art website. Whether you are portrait artists, figure drawing artists, or canvas painters, you need to know what keyword people will search for your work.

You must also consider your competition and what keywords they use. If your keyword terms are too broad, you might drive your potential clients to your competitors’ sites. You need to be specific and ensure your target group uses those terms to search your art.

Plus, your keywords should talk about your website. It could talk about a theme, such as wildlife art, minimalism, or Art Deco, to draw interested clients within similar niches to your website.

If you are a portrait artist, your potential client can search for a full-length portrait in charcoal.

Also, be cautious not to do keyword stuffing. Your content quality drops when you use too many keywords, and your website won’t rank well in the SERP (search engine results page)

  • On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is optimization you can do in your site’s content and coding. This on-page SEO is important to help you sell your art online.

  • Domain Name

Domain Name is the URL that helps your potential clients find your website easily. Plus, it’s a high factor in improving your Search Engine Result Page ranking.

You can try using your keyword in your URL for better visibility. However, that could be too long. So, you can use something called 301 Direct. It’s a way to use a secondary domain name that leads to your keyword domain name.

For example, if your brand name is Ino, your secondary domain name can be, and your keyword domain can be You use, an easier, shorter URL to communicate to people. You can use the keyword domain that is easily available to boost your SEO ranking.

  • Website and Page Description

There’s a hidden section where you can describe your website. That is for bots to rank your page. Here’s where you describe your digital art prints or wildlife art if you are portrait artists or figure drawing artists. You can use keywords to describe your website’s content.

If you leave this section blank, Google will choose the first 70 characters as the page description. So, filling it will ensure your page description matches what you need to draw potential clients.

  • Page Titles

Your page titles should have unique keywords that are probably different from your website keywords. Consider using keywords if possible; however, if your page title needs to be the title of your artwork, use that. It introduces your artwork and will encourage your potential clients to check your work and think of purchasing.

  • Content Quality and Length

When writing content to sell your art online, ensure you write relevant, well-worded, high-quality content. You should avoid plagiarizing at all costs. Your content should be grammatically sound with no spelling errors and should be simple to read.

The quality of the content is crucial to improve your art website’s SEO ranking.

Plus, another thing to note is the content’s length. You should describe your artwork in detail.

As portrait artists, you can describe the subject of the portrait, the medium used, the inspiration or story behind it, and the paper/canvas type... You should write at least 1890 words to describe your work, as it will improve your page ranking.

  • Site Tagline and Title

In the era of many similar products, it’s likely your art website will drown without proper branding. Your digital art prints, wildlife art, and other pieces should be under your unique brand name, which can be your site title. Here uniqueness, your identity, and brand value matter, not just a keyword.

Moreover, a tagline that describes your brand crisply is encouraged to increase your SEO ranking. For example- your tile could be “Ino’s Artwork” and the tagline - “Charcoal portrait artist.”

  • Getting Your Images on Google

Getting your images on Google is important to sell your art online. Ensure your images and digital art prints have unique titles with keywords. Also, use Alt Attributes to describe your images further. You must also describe your images in detail on your website page.

These tricks will ensure Google can identify your images and display your artwork on Google Images.

  • Mobile-Friendly

Nowadays, most of your potential clients will prefer shopping on their mobile devices. Therefore, your art website needs to be mobile-friendly to get better visibility. Moreover, if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it will not rank well for SEO.

You need to ensure your art website can be viewed properly and loaded quickly on mobile devices.

Calling all portrait artists, figure drawing artists, creators of digital art prints, wildlife art, and all other art forms! ell your art online today. Your website needs to rank well on SEO to ensure your potential clients can reach you. Plus, it will help you become well-known.

Ensure you have a solid SEO, and your website will rank well in SERP. Make your website speak volumes of your brilliant artwork and use these SEO tips to sell your art online.

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