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Promoting Your Art

To be a successful artist, it is just as important to draw as to promote your artwork so you can fund your passion and make this hobby and career sustainable. . Sharing your art is critical to attracting and building a loyal fan base that will ultimately become your biggest purchasers and customers of your work. Many artists are promoting art online in addition to the traditional methods.

There are numerous free and creative opportunities to advertise your work, and here are some ideas to help you get started.

Start a Blog

As an artist, there are numerous advantages to creating a blog. It's a fantastic opportunity to build your brand image, sell your art, provide outstanding customer service, and engage with your customers. If you haven’t already, create a website for your art portfolio and include information regarding your artwork, prices, contact details, and even a couple of drawing tutorial videos. Next, create exciting content and blogs to get people to notice your site and draw traffic to your site!

Post Effectively on Social Media

The quickest approach to establish brand awareness for your art is through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, Etc. My personal favorites and a must for artists are Instagram and Pinterest since they’re artist-focused. After you decide on the platforms, you need to be consistent with your posting and sharing meaningful content to engage with your audience. Posting about your dog is not going to attract the right audience if you want to promote your art. Posting once a month is also not going to keep you top of mind for your potential fans.

You want people to get excited about your next work and to be memorable enough that they will remember you. Having a presence on social media will help you establish a brand image and credibility and allow you to attract the right target audience. Not everyone will love your work and that’s ok. As long as you focus on the 80/20 rule - 80% of your revenue will come from 20% of your customers - you will do just fine.

The keys are consistency and engaging content. You want to put some thoughts into creating meaningful content that will make people want to follow you to see more of your content, and you also want to be consistent and effective with your posting schedule that will string along with your fans. There are certain times in a day where people are most active on social media, i.e. after work - 5 pm and late nights from 12-2 am during weekdays, and afternoon times on Sat. or Sun. Experiment with scheduling your posts and see which times give you the most engagement and best results.

Being an artist doesn’t have to be a lonely job; you can build a strong community through social media and connect with other artists and collaborate. ! There are many ways to engage with your fans on social media. You can post and comment on your newest painting, share your progression videos and sketches, request feedback, ask for inspiration and votes on topics to draw on, or sell your work.. The possibilities are limitless.

Make a Video

It is interesting that after Google, Youtube is the next most popular site with high traffic. Another fantastic way to share online content is through videos. You don't have to be popular to make an engaging video that gets a lot of attention and drives traffic to your site. Videos can be more captivating than blogs since we are attracted to animation and action. You can add a video to your channel on Youtube and then embed the code in your online blog.

Guest Blog

Guest blogging for other authoritative and high-traffic sites is a terrific method to not only increase traffic to your own site but also to showcase your artwork to new audiences. Find other artists that have great blogs and ask them if you can contribute a guest article. Share an uplifting story, a useful art tip, or a how-to demonstration.

Ask the moderator if you can include a brief background or share your work with a hyperlink back to your website n your guest post. Most blog owners and moderators welcome guest postings because they add to the quality of their sites. You'll be driving traffic to an already high-traffic website that can ultimately convert to leads for you.

Speak Up In Online Discussion Boards

Join your favorite art-related forums and groups and participate. There are numerous communities and Q&A sites out there, and all you have to do is to discover the ones that correspond to your field of expertise. This is another excellent technique to establish your credibility and authority to drive traffic to your website. People are looking for solutions on the internet, so why not let them come to you?


These are some of the many ways to promote your artwork. Finding the correct channels to promote and sell your art and constantly experimenting with what works are crucial to your success. To learn more in-depth about different strategies and buy cool art online and digital art prints, you can visit Ino Chang’s art website

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