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How To Sell Your Art Online

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

You’ve started your passion and are now creating wonderful pieces of art. Now the big question arises: Where and how do you sell it? While creating art like animal art in a workflow is a mammoth task of its own, finding ways to show it to the world can be an even bigger challenge. From an online marketplace to starting your own website, here are some ways you can ensure that your exquisite pieces of art are discovered, appreciated, and owned by those who understand the true value behind them and love your style.

Create Your Art Website

While no web design skills are required to create your own site for selling art, they are certainly advantageous. You will need to purchase your own domain name as well as hosting. After you've installed WordPress or found an online website service, the next step is to find a theme that you like. You must choose a theme that complements your artwork and style.

A theme that is pleasing to the eyes and not overpowering is the ideal match for your art page. Seamless integration of your art photos can raise the overall aesthetics of your website! Ino Chang’s website is a great example of such a website and is remarkable in every aspect ranging from the theme to its simplicity.

Curate Your Art and Find Curators

Even beyond working as an artist, you should curate your artwork as well or find and learn from other curators Artists who are uninterested in the business side of their craft rely on agents, galleries, and other merchants to handle it. Selling your own art can become easier once you've learned the in’s-and-out’s of the trade. This is a long game, but with enough experience, you can become competitive. Curating your work and learning from other artists and curators can help develop your brand and be a significant factor if used correctly.

Leverage Social Media

There is no getting around it; if you want to sell art online, it is much easier if you use social media tools to connect and engage with people who will buy your work (or help you sell it). Among artists, social media can be a touchy subject. Most artists are happier in their studios than in the marketplace, and social media can appear to be a lot of socializing and getting out of your creative flow. However, if you continue to avoid socializing and making contacts, you may lose out on a large number of potential customers and art enthusiasts In this line of work, social media engagements can be viewed as a necessary evil. Reach out to artists who share your artistic tastes and learn about the business practices they use when dealing with their art.

Show people a side of you that isn't hidden behind the canvas. Share things that interest you, interact with people and organizations that interest you, give a peek into your studio, working process, or an interesting article you've read. Be yourself and enjoy meeting new people and learning new things along the way.

Create Accurate Representations Of Your Art

People must be able to see what they are purchasing. This is especially true if you have art like a portrait drawing to sell online. While you can present your art in exhibitions, the advantage of selling your art online becomes clear when we compare the number of people online versus physical audiences in exhibitions. As a result, you must ensure that your art is clearly photographed and digitized so that you can ensure the best work for your fans.

Online Exhibitions & Galleries

Art exhibitions and galleries have been the bread and butter of artists ever since commercial art has existed. They can be great ways to sell your art to those who are looking to buy original art online and to those who can appreciate the talent and creativity that go behind it. Nowadays online exhibitions have picked up the pace and are gaining popularity among art enthusiasts. Online exhibitions enable people to take their time and ponder over the art pieces they are going to buy

Bottom Line

Engaging with your communities is a great way to let people discover your art and start building a strong, loyal following. Adopting a sound and strategic social media campaign can only help you get more recognition and popularity for your work

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