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How to Get Your Website Ranked to the Top

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

If you are a young aspiring artist who is just starting out, you might not have heard of SEO yet. However, if you have been in the business of internet marketing, you know how important SEO is and what it can do for your business.

In simple terms, SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimization) is a way to get your website ranked on Google search. If you are thinking about pursuing art as your career, SEO should be an important part of your toolkit to market and sell your art online.

Because no matter how great your wildlife art prints or hand-drawn wall art are, people will not be able to find it if it’s not optimized on the web.

Due to popular demand, we have put together these 5 essential considerations to enhance your SEO to get more money with time!

Keywords and Target Audience

If you have decided to optimize your page, you will first need to figure out what your keywords are and who your target audience is.

Some artists might target the edgy younger audience who want to buy affordable original art online, and some might look for an elite group. Whoever your target audience is, make sure the keywords are well-defined and not too generic.

Once you have figured out the keywords, start adding them to your website, blogs ads, social media, and any content you share online.

For example, start big with a keyword like “vibrant wildlife painter.” Then try to make the keyword more accurate and specific to the niche you’re targeting. For example: “vibrant wildlife painter in Cleveland, Ohio.”

Use Your Keywords in Your Images, Tags, And More

Now that you have your keywords personalized and ready, it’s time to start adding them to your images, title tags, website content, and so on.

For example, instead of using a meaningless name like “IMG0926450.JPG” as your title tag, you can change it to “affordable-vibrant-wildlife-portrait” or whatever image you would want your target audience to find.

Create High-Quality Content for Your Website

If you would like to kick-start your success with SEO and get your website and art ranked as #1 on Google, you need to start producing high-quality content like blogs and amazing artwork and get a good rank on credible art sites such as Artwork Archive and so on.

This way, you don’t have to patiently sit and stand by waiting for Google to identify your website as a reliable website. Instead, you can start driving traffic to your website, thanks to the certified portfolio.

Use Links

Since Google is the most popular search engine, it often sees a lot of competition., As a result, its algorithm often favors pages, blogs, and website content that are highly valued by the audience. This is assessed through PPC (also known as Pay-Per-Click).

PPC includes the following strategies:

  • PPC Strategy Development

  • PPC Research

  • Campaign Setup

  • Turnkey PPC Campaigns

  • PPC Optimization

The best way to get more clicks for your website is by creating an attractive link or domain for it. Make sure to do sufficient keywords research and understand how they are used in natural links. Adding your SEO keywords is also a great way to rise against the competition and stand out from the crowd.

By doing this, you can bring your business to the top of Google’s search results which is by far the best way to trickle in targeted traffic and get noticed.

You can also add links to your content and re-direct it to other artwork from your portfolio to other content on your website to show that your website’s info is relevant.

Have the Patience to Cultivate Results

SEO may be important \to bring your page to the top, but it is not a magic trick that will work overnight. Even after following these tips, it may still take a while for your website to rank.

In fact, it may even take a couple of months as it takes time for your website and content links to become authoritative and credible.

Extra Tips

Other than the 5 tips mentioned above, you can also use the following tips to boost your website to the top.

Design Your Website Wisely

The aesthetic design of your website is what will reel in more audiences. Therefore, certain factors like design, interface, speed of the website, and user experience all play an important role in your website’s taking off.

Hence, make sure your website is properly optimized so your target audience has a pleasant experience using your website.

Use The Power Of Social Media

Initially, social media like Facebook and Instagram were platforms used for informal purposes.

However, in recent times, they have been used as a marketing tool to build the face of a business and drive traffic. Therefore, various digital marketing strategies have incorporated social media to create a positive image for a business.

These strategies include:

  • Marketing

  • Engagements

  • Outreach

Final Advice

Using SEO to get your website ranked and reach your audience can be a long marathon as opposed to a quick sprint. However, if you do your homework and use it right, the payoff will be deep-rooted and lasting.

The key to reaching success is hard work and consistent effort. Make sure to update your website with new information and add relevant content to let your target audience know that your website is the best place to buy original art online.

Keep in mind to also use social media and high-quality personalized keywords to boost your links. This process may be slow and steady, but small actions pay off with patience. So stay hungry, diligent, and passionate about your art, and you will reap the benefits in no time!

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