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8 Trending NFTs of 2021

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, let the buyer own an original copy of digital art prints. You can buy art prints online and own their digital prints. You cannot trade an NFT unless it is minted on a blockchain network. A minted NFT can be bought, sold, and traded without changing the record of ownership.

Did you know that you can attach an NFT to art, music, collectibles, gaming, and virtual reality? NFT is currently a billion-dollar industry, and several NFTs have been sold for millions of dollars.

Trending NFTs Sold This Year

Beeple- Human One

Beeple- Human one is a life-sized 3-D sculpture NFT showcasing a person in a silver spacesuit. However, the color can be changed at the artist's whims, and Beeple plans to update his NFT throughout his lifetime. The masterpiece was bought for $28.98 million.

Pak- The Merge

Pak's The Merge is a very expensive NFT sold for almost $91.8 million. The Merge was sold in fractions to about 28,983 traders, and it is one of the most expensive pieces sold by a living artist. This piece is a global-scale art that moves minds and bodies, and it essentially transformed code into art.

Larva Labs- Crypto Punk #7523

Larva Labs- Crypto Punk #7523 is a pixelated depiction of the Covid Alien. This piece was auctioned at London's Sotheby and sold for almost $11.75 million. It's a rare, styled piece and an expensive NFT that has 3 attributes.

Beeple- Every day's- the first 5,000 Days

Beeple, aka Michael Winkelmann, created this NFT called Everyday's-the first 5000 days. This piece is a collage of pictures created from start to finish every day. Representing an act of trying to be better at different things, this NFT was rendered on Cinema4D and Octane and sold for almost $69.3 million.

This piece brought NFTs to the limelight and mainstream.

Xcopy- Right-Click and Save As Guy

Xcopy, the artist, created this piece titled ‘Right-Click and Save As Guy.’ It’s a descript to say why to buy digital art when I can right click and save as. It is a portrait and a GIF image that sold for almost $7.09 million. Moreover, it was purchased by Snoop Dogg's NFT alias on Super rare.

Beeple – Crossroad

Beeple's artwork has been the pioneer of making NFTs popular. Here's another piece that sold for almost $6.6 million. Crossroad is a10-second animation featuring Donald Trump. It's a political and topical reactionary piece that is revolutionary.

Xcopy- A Coin For The Ferryman

This NFT sold for almost $6.03 million. It is a portrait and GIF combined. It's a one-of-a-kind piece that was one of the earliest creations by X copy. It has been in the NFT market since 2018. Xcopy is said to be a pioneer in the crypto art space, and their work has gained more popularity since the surge in NFT's interest.

Ross Ulbricht Genesis Collection

The Ross Ulbricht Genesis sold for almost $6.28 million infractions. It is a unique collection of writings and 10 artworks by Ross Ulbricht that included original animation too. This genesis was a collection of Ross's creative journey in expression through drawings, videos, and more. This NFT was a chance to make a difference for the ex-convict artist.


NFTs have been sold for over millions of dollars A lot of them are art prints online, easy acrylic paintings, or mere collectibles.

You can sell your artwork as an NFT like Ino Chang if you know how to draw. You can represent the authenticity of an art piece with the help of NFTs. It lets you secure ownership rights for a digital piece that may have multiple copies.

Furthermore, NFTs are the future of art collections with more freedom, a larger audience, and wide opportunities.

Explore the most expensive NFTs sold and consider contributing to it or buying your own!

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