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5 Most Important Lessons I Learned From Successful Artists

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Art is a therapeutic release, and what makes you feel more alive than creating beautiful masterpieces. Have you ever wondered how artists became successful or famous? (aside from cutting off your ears or dying a painful death of course).

You may have heard of famous artists selling wildlife art prints, hand-drawn wall art, and many more. Etsy and Minted are some of the best places to buy original art online where you can also buy affordable original art online.

Are you perplexed as to how they made it in such a subjective industry? What are their attitudes, traits, or characters? What skills did they have? There are five lessons you can learn from successful artists to help you become one too.

1. They Treat It Like A Full-Time Job

Successful artists treat art as their full-time jobs. They are persistent and ensure they keep honing their skills. Furthermore, successful artists ensure they put in the hours required for their artwork.

Successful artists treat art as a job that pays their bills. Plus, they are professional and keep scouring for commissioned jobs to ensure their finances are stable. They ensure they maintain, expand, and share their portfolio of work and are constantly creating and selling their finished pieces of artwork.

Persistence is a key ingredient in building a successful art career.

2. They Are Adventurous

One of the most essential traits of successful artists is being open and adventurous. This means they must be willing to take risks. If you want to be a successful artist, you must know that your work will not turn out the way you planned. You must be willing to improvise.

Additionally, successful artists shouldn’t be afraid of trying new things. They must be willing to step out of their comfort zone to grow and be successful. Exploring new themes, various forms of art, or experimenting with the different art mediums are crucial in sparking your adventurous spirit and becoming successful.

3. They are Highly Disciplined

Persistence, perseverance, and consistency are three essential elements in maintaining proper discipline in drawing. Being disciplined with creating means that you never leave a single masterpiece unfinished and you always make time to draw, no matter when or where

You set aside time to plan diligently, draw patiently, share and teach passionately.

You ensure you are committed to your goals every day without making excuses. You set deadlines for yourself and you are committed to meeting them.

Discipline is the key to being a successful artist. Without it, you’ll have plenty of unfinished work, delays, and a lack of customers. You won’t get noticed if you lack discipline, so build it up and focus on what’s important.

4. They are Passionate of Their Work

Successful artists are devoutly passionate about their work. Passion is what fuels them to create new masterpieces every day. They wholeheartedly think of new themes, new projects, new strokes, or styles.

Passion is what fuels successful artists to continue creating and ensuring they do the work. They desire to create masterpieces and ensure you can buy affordable original art online.

5. They Know How To Get Noticed

Successful artists not only create spectacular work, but they also know how to market themselves. They sell their work in exhibitions, stalls, online, on social media, etc. They ensure their work gets noticed and ensure they use several methods to do so.

They also know how to get commissioned work and monetize their artwork.

Final Advice

The best and successful artists treat art as their full-time job; they take risks, have incredible discipline, and have loads of passion. Learning what drives successful artists can help you emulate their patterns and ensure you are successful too.

Successful artists like Ino Chang follow the five lessons that make them successful in the art industry. His shop offers one of the best places to buy original art online. Ino Chang is a famous artist driven by these five lessons, and he sells wildlife art prints and hand-drawn wall art.

Keep these5 lessons to heart and start taking action!

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